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Jessica Small

The Gerudo Vagrants
Oakland, NJ
Wife. Artist. Dancer.

Jessica's dance career started as a child, with lessons in ballet, jazz, and eventually lyrical. Since adulthood it has grown to encompass belly dance. It originated in Cabaret/Nightclub-styled belly dance, which is the kind of dancer you're more apt to see in a restaurant. After performing with the Shazadi Dancers, Jessica moved on to create her own troupe and style of belly dance within the Fusion world. Her troupe, Belly of the Beast, performed in venues across New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

After the success of her own troupe, Jessica began teaching fusion dance classes in New Jersey. But forever the dance student, she also wanted to continue her own growth. Shortly after meeting Andriel, director of Tribal Energies, the two teamed up to form a super-duo of nerd-based performance. Their tribe became the Gerudo Vagrants. After meeting Andriel, Jessi began to study with different types of teachers, both online and in person - American Tribal Style and Hot Pot Improvisational Style dance were priority and the focus of learning. Andriel and Jessi began to perform together as well across the tri-state area. Mostly recently they were featured together in the Bridge Street Theater showcase "Bridge Street Belly Dance."

Jessica is also an illustrative and digital artist. Her artwork has been featured in online publications and local art exhibitions. Her primary inspiration is the Art Nouveau movement, specifically with the work of Alphonse Mucha. The grace and stylization of the nouveau movement is easy to see echoed in her artwork. She also owns and operates her own Henna company.

Jessica has been married for five (going on six) years to her husband - Brian. They have been together since 2008 after a fateful meeting in a college rec room. Jessica adores her husband for always being her number one fan, supporting her in every endeavor, costume, and dance performance, and could not possibly function without him.